When you’re traveling, you have to worry about many different things, such as making your train, bus, or flight on time, finding somewhere to eat, or even saving enough money to see and do the things you were looking forward to. The last thing you want to worry about is having a place to sleep. At Wanderlust Houston, we provide you with private and shared accommodations that will not only meet your needs and expectations, they will exceed them. If you’re looking for hostels in Houston unlike any other, book a reservation with Wanderlust Houston today!

The Benefits Of Private And Shared Accommodations

Whether you’re traveling alone or you’re traveling with a group of friends, finding a place to stay can often be a challenge. If you’re traveling alone, the cost of a hotel room for a few nights can use a large amount of your budget. For those traveling in a group, ideally you would like to stay together, but in most cases, you probably end up splitting a few rooms. At Wanderlust Houston, we offer both private and shared accommodations that won’t break the bank. Our budget accommodations offer all the amenities that you would expect from a traditional hotel, but at a lower cost! If you need more reasons to be convinced that Wanderlust Houston is the place for you, continue reading below to learn some of the benefits of staying with us!

Meet New People

If you’re a solo traveler, you don’t want to spend a large sum just to have a place to sleep at night. At Wanderlust Houston, our shared accommodations are perfect for the solo traveler. We give you the option to reserve a bed in one of our shared rooms that sleeps up to four or six people. You will have the chance to talk to people from all over the country, or even the world! Imagine the connections you could make, and you may even end up finding a travel partner.

We offer both an all-female dorm, and five co-ed shared dorms. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing a room with up to five other people, we also offer private rooms where you can rest up before a day of traveling.

Stay With Your Friends

At Wanderlust Houston, we love big groups of travelers. Unlike traditional hotels where you might have to reserve two or three rooms to accommodate the size of your group, we give you the option of reserving one of our shared dorms just for you and your friends! Staying in separate rooms or even having to share a large room with a group of strangers might seem unnerving. However, sharing a room with your closest friends gives you the opportunity to enjoy your adventures that much more!

Our shared rooms are also great for birthday or bachelor/bachelorette parties! If you’re enjoying a night on the town in celebration of someone’s birthday or their upcoming nuptials, the party doesn’t have to end when the bars close. Reserve one of our shared dorms and bring the celebration back to Wanderlust Houston! We are located just a short walk from the center of Houston, meaning you won’t even have to worry about finding transportation.

Save Money

Traveling on a budget is difficult, especially when there are so many places to see and things to do. Houston is a large area with attractions, restaurants, festivals, sporting events, and concert venues to fit every taste. That being said, trying to fit everything into your schedule and your budget may cause you some stress. In addition to your daytime activities, you still need to find a place to sleep at night, which unfortunately may also cost you a significant chunk of change. Luckily, Wanderlust Houston provides budget accommodations that won’t cost you an arm and leg. Some hostels and hotels allow for a cheaper price by limiting their amenities, but with Wanderlust Houston, we offer all the amenities you would get from a standard hotel. Finding a place to stay shouldn’t put stress on you or your wallet.

Whether you’re traveling alone or you’re traveling with a group of people, Wanderlust Houston has got you covered. With both private and shared accommodations that provide you with more than just a play to lay your head.

Lower Price Doesn’t Mean You Have To Sacrifice Amenities

Many hostels give you the luxury of a lower price, but in return, you have to sacrifice some of the most necessary amenities. You may also find places where you have to pay extra for things like sheets or a towel, or in extreme cases where a complimentary breakfast means bread with jam and coffee.

At Wanderlust Houston, we pride ourselves on giving you all the amenities you would expect from a traditional hotel without charging you a small fortune. When you stay with us, you can expect:

  • Fast WiFi
  • Free parking
  • Full-sized beds in our shared dorms and Queen-sized beds in our private rooms
  • Guest kitchens and lounges
  • Board games and book exchange
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Bike rentals
  • 24-hour coffee and tea
  • Study and work areas
  • And much more!

Why should you have to give up the amenities that will make your stay more comfortable? If you’re looking for budget accommodations that provide you with all the amenities of a traditional hotel, look no further than Wanderlust Houston! Book your reservation today. Continue reading below to learn more about some of our most popular perks!

Complimentary Continental Breakfast

While Houston has many restaurants with your favorite breakfast foods, you may want to save your money for other things. Breakfast is necessary if you plan of making the most out of your day. The last thing you would want is to skip breakfast and have to stop for lunch earlier than you planned. Luckily, Wanderlust Houston offers a complimentary continental breakfast to give you the fuel you need for exploring the gorgeous city of Houston. Whether you’re on the go or have a few minutes to spare, when you stay with us, skipping breakfast just isn’t on the menu.

Guest Kitchens and Lounges

One of the benefits of staying in our budget accommodations is that we give you ample opportunities to meet and socialize with like-minded travelers. If you’re traveling alone, our guest kitchens and lounges provide you with the chance to meet new people and hear about their journey. You may find that you make a few new friends, or you may even meet a new travel companion! Even if you’re not a social butterfly, you can still hang out in our kitchen our lounge and read a book, talk to your family, or get some work done.

Laundry Services

When you’re constantly on the go, clean clothes can make a world of difference after along day of traveling. Unfortunately, you may not have the chance to do your laundry as often as you would like. At Wanderlust Houston, we offer our guests an on-site drop-off laundry service. Not only do you get clean clothes out of the deal, but you won’t have to waste a day making sure it all gets done. With our service, you drop off your clothes, leave to explore the city, and return to find that all of your clothing is fresh and clean! With service like this, you may never want to leave the comfort of Wanderlust Houston.

Bike Rentals

Transportation is just another thing you have to factor into your budget and your schedule. For attractions that are far away, you have to look at bus or train schedules, or you have to pay for a taxi or an Uber. While you may choose to walk to the closer sights, it not only takes longer, but by the end of the day, you may be too exhausted to experience the nightlife. At Wanderlust Houston, we give our guests the option to rent bikes. Because of our close location to central Houston, all the major sights are only a short bike ride away. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about parking like you would if you decided to rent a car.

At Wanderlust Houston, we prides ourselves on offering a large selection of amenities that will make your life easier and your stay more comfortable. Our budget accommodations provide you with a roof over your head, a place to sleep, and so much more!

Why Stay In Houston?

While Wanderlust Houston can provide you with boutique lodging that will make your stay more comfortable, the real reason that you’re staying with us is because you want to experience everything that Houston has to offer. Thankfully, Wanderlust Houston is located just a short walk, bike ride, or car ride from all of Houston’s main attractions! Between restaurants, sports stadiums, concert venues, and museums, you’ll have so much to do, you’ll have to come back for a second trip.

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your itinerary, continue reading below where we will highlight some of the most popular attractions in Houston!


After a day of walking around the city, nothing sounds better than a nice hot meal that’s close to where you’re staying. After seeing everything Houston has to offer, you’ll probably just want to eat dinner and go right to sleep. Luckily, Wanderlust Houston is located less than a 10-minute walk from some of the local favorites. Whether you’re craving a fresh slice of cheesy pizza or a delicious cappuccino for a mid-morning jolt, you have easy-access to it all! Look up the numerous restaurants our city has to offer or ask our friendly staff at Wanderlust Houston if they have any recommendations.

Museums and Zoos

Museums play a large role in the entire Houston experience. From Space Center Houston and the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the Houston Zoo, many of our most popular attractions are within a 10-minute bike ride of Wanderlust Houston.

Learning about outer space is fun for all ages at the Space Center Houston, and with general admission you even get a tour of the city! If the depths of space are not your cup of tea, visit the Contemporary Arts Museum and spend hours wandering around contemporary works of art. The best part? Admission to the Contemporary Arts Museum is always free!

If you’re traveling with children, museums may be too much for them to handle, which is why the Houston Zoo is always a great option. Spend time viewing some of your favorite exotic animals, or if you feel like making it an experience you and your family won’t soon forget, sign up for one of the Houston Zoo’s animal encounters or feed the giraffes their lunch!

Sporting Events and Concerts

For those interested in sports and music, you may not be able to resist the draw of the Houston stadiums and venues. Just a short distance away from Minute Maid Park, the Toyota Center, Discovery Green, the NRG Stadium, and more, it may be too tempting to see your favorite band or take in a game while you’re in town. See the Astros play on their home field, or take a tour of the stadium. If you’re not a sports fan, you can visit the Discovery Green where you can always find something fun going on.

There are countless things to do when you visit Houston, and the last thing you want is to travel miles out of your way to experience it all. Wanderlust Houston provides you with the central location you’re looking for at a price you can’t resist. Discover more things to do in Houston, and make sure to secure a spot with Wanderlust Houston!

Wanderlust Houston isn’t just your typical hostel. Aside from providing you with budget accommodations, we offer all the amenities of a traditional hotel, a central location to all the best attractions in Houston, and private and shared accommodations for both the solo traveler and groups alike. We strive you make your stay as comfortable as possible, without making you spend half your budget. Find out more about our boutique lodging, and next time you’re looking for hostels in Houston, make Wanderlust Houston your number one choice. Contact us today!