If you’re an adventure-minded spirit who appreciates a good value but prefers privacy, we’ve got the alternative to shared accommodations you’ve been hoping to find. Equipped with queen-sized, high-quality beds, each private room features the same welcoming amenities as our shared accommodations but in a quiet, retreat-style room.

Private room options include:

Screwston, Clutch City, Space City

Hip-hop and the cosmos collide in this unique private room. This Houston-themed room was created to embrace everything we love about the city that we are proud to call home.

Museum Room

The culture of South Texas is not overlooked in our museum-themed room. This room is one of our most popular private rooms, as it incorporates the aesthetics of some of the most recognized museums in Houston.

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Wanderlust Houston is a cashless property. Just like Uber, Lyft, and other innovative companies, we take all payments via a debit or credit card.